Trying Various High Intensity Exercises

There are several ways one can lose weight. Losing is pure science and one should know his body really well in order to earn a leaner and tighter frame. Hitting the gym and working hard really pays off, if one is following the right method. It is important to understand the capacity of one’s body. High-intensity workouts are great ways to burn out calories really fast. With the help of a proper personal trainer it won’t be too difficult to try out techniques and training methods which must be followed consequently in order to lose all unwanted mass from the body.

Biking to lose weight

Cardio exercises are considered one of the best high-intensity workouts. The fact that they really work, make it great for people with aversion to exercises really work. I personally do not enjoy running on the treadmill. It isn’t adventurous and becomes quite monotonous after a while. Instead I chose to go for biking which is high-octane. I start with warm-up. A three minute warm-up is good, followed by high speed cycling. Every 30 seconds, it is important to increase the resistance by one notch. This should be done until the rpm has reached 90. I cannot hold more than 90 and that is the time I come to rest. Cycling inside the gym is good too. It is all about not losing stamina and upping your heart beat to the maximum.

Exercises to boost the metabolism

High intensity exercises are also very good in increasing the metabolism of one’s body. Gym trainers and experts always ask people to include different movements in their intensive workout regime. The more the body will be challenged, the higher w3ill be the loss in weight. The main concept is not to take enough rest to recover from one routine to another. A few seconds break do not slow down the heart beat much. Just as you finish with one set of exercise, go on to the next type without stopping. The motive is to keep on building rpm, till the time you would like to drop. Short intense exercises are the best for burning more. After high intensity exercises, it is very important to rest properly and allow all the muscles to cool down. So, high intensity workout should be practiced at least thrice every week. It is really good for health and for increasing the metabolism of the body quickly.

Losing Weight Through High Intensity Workouts

The more one works out the more he loses. That is surely true. There are workouts which can be done within a short time span but with maximum loss of calories. These workouts are high-intensity workouts and are definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. I was very keen on high-intensity workouts as I was going to get married within two months. I would want to appear slim and in perfect shape before my husband which is why I joined the gym. I wasn’t very sure of the stamina I possessed, which is why I decided to read about max workouts. I was greatly impressed by it and felt motivated to shake up all the extra pounds that have developed on my body. afterburn fuel reviews have been positive and many people had so much to say.

Getting started with high-intensity work-out

My trainer told me that the heart is the speedometer of the body. The more active the heart is during our exercises, the better workout it will be. For losing maximum weight it is important to get our heart beat faster. The first thing I opted for was high intensity running on the treadmill for up to 7 minutes. In the first few days, I could only keep up with the running for maximum 5 minutes. But gradually, I started increasing the time. After the running is over, I got started with stretching, without taking any rest. I stretched for a good 5 minutes and then got back to the treadmill where I ran at a higher speed. My trainer instructed that I go for a maximum heart rate of 90%. After for about 3 minutes of running, I brought down the speed and kept walking. After that I went for squatting which included jumps too. This is very good for the leg muscles. This was the entire routine for me in the first week. I was satisfied with the results. In the following week I lengthened the time of the intensive workout by adding a few more things. I started doing overhead presses with the help of weight held above my head, after I finished with the squats. After that, there was no stopping. I got back to the treadmill and ran for another 30 seconds at high speed and then brought back down the speed and started walking.

Eating properly before working out

It is not right to stuff the stomach with food before working out. But, all of us require some extra energy to work out extra. After reading afterburn fuel review I found it to be a really interesting product. A lot of people take afterburn fuel to fuel their workouts. High intensity workouts require some very good energy store. Otherwise one will lose energy mid-way. It is very wrong to eat food between workouts. Such a routine has adverse effects on body. The pre-workout diet that my instructor instructed me, worked really well for me as I hot renewed energy to hit the treadmill with greater force.

Quick Exercises To Be Included In Intensive Training

There are several ways one can set up her exercise routine. After initially try with light exercises and going slow, people should go for high intensity exercises for better impact. Personally, I have been gymming for 4 years and high-intensity exercises helped in getting rid of all the back pain I used to have. High intensity means taking no break between a serious of exercises which result in a power workout.

Ground touching exercises

One does not need to hop, skip and jump in order to start an intense routine. You can simply lie on the ground and sweat it all out within 10 minutes! Inverted shoulder press is quite an intensive exercise. The body has to be position like a standing overturned ‘V’. It is important to try to keep the torso as perpendicular to the floor as possible. Now bend the elbows to bring the shoulders down and lift it up. Do it 15 times.

Lunge exercises

The alternating switch lunge exercise should be followed right after the inverted shoulder press. Just bend both knees and kept one leg forward. Now jump by alternating each leg. These exercises strengthen the leg muscles and tone them up with regular practice.

Easy Way To Start Intensive Training

There are so many different exercises which one can train on to lose weight. The nest part is that if there is some space and the right eight dumb bells, then it won’t be necessary to visit the gym. I have been training people for many years and I must say that nothing works better than high intensity workouts. It is all about knowing where one is more comfortable and choosing those exercises for daily routine. One can surely challenge the daily workout with some new exercises for better strength testing.

Warming up perfectly

It is very important to give proper stress to proper warming up. The warm up session should last for 10 minutes where people can try running, jogging, skipping or cycling. The warm up should be such that almost 75% of one’s heart beat is increased. After the warming up, some intensive cardio has to be practiced.

The best way to start intensive training at home

I would suggest that people should go for 10 push-ups, 10 squats and 10 full sit-ups. These three exercises have to done as fast as possible and consecutively, without resting in between. Nine reps should be done of each and the count should be decreased till one rep of each set is achieved.

Getting Started With High Intensity Workouts

cdcf75692109011542720048e4b96e4eHigh intensity workouts are great fun. People, who love exercising and gymming, love to challenge their bodies in order to test their endurance. It feels great to know more about your strength and what your body is capable of. A little extra working out without taking rest in between is done by a lot of people. I personally train hard 3 times a week. This type of training generally lasts for a short duration.

Intensive workout for 5 minutes

This is generally the routine that I follow when I have a busy day ahead and no time to exercise for one hour. It has many different type of exercises clamped together within five minutes. I love the format and try to bring in new changes every week in order to keep up the challenge. I start with jogging and immediately go on to the Glute Bridge which is simply lying down on the back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Now, one leg has to be lifted up to the chest and kept for two-three seconds and then the next leg. Next, comes the inverted shoulder press.

Skipping for high intensity

If you have a skipping rope at home, you already have a great start to an intensive workout routine. Start skipping vigorous and don’t stop till you almost drop!